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Book It: World Book Night

Last year, the first-ever World Book Night was held in the UK and Ireland—not quite “the world” but, here at Likely Stories, we certainly applaud the lofty ambition. The stated goal was to give away one million books to “light or non-readers” and, by most accounts, the night was a resounding success. This year, WBN will add two more countries to its efforts at global domination, Germany and the U.S. (Think of us as part of the Axis of Literacy.)

The basic idea is that ordinary people (the definition of which includes librarians and even writers) hand out books they love to people who might not otherwise read them.  Want to join in the fun? The deadline is February 1, so apply today!

The list of books to be given away on April 23 includes one that is a personal favorite of mine, Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun. For the complete list, click here.

Although I confess that I’m a bit nervous about guessing who might be a light or non-reader (“You sir! You look as though you are in dire need of the magic of books!” “Just because I drive a taxi, you don’t think I read books?”) I plan to apply. And, if selected, I’ll share my experience right here at Likely Stories.

See you on the street, I hope.



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