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ReLit Awards

I just discovered a Canadian book award that I think I’ll be following closely from now on. The ReLit Award recognizes the best new work in three categories, Fiction, Poetry, and Short Story, released by independent publishers.

The award was founded by Kenneth J. Harvey, a biblio-Renaissance man, and the prize is given at the Ottawa International Writers Festival each year. The blog/website isn’t fancy, like the award and its prize. No one is throwing a great deal of money at this honor. But it’s still an honor to receive a ReLit Award. It’s an award dedicated to acknowledging craftsmanship and storytelling.

This year’s winners are Blood Relatives by Craig Francis Power (Fiction), Sweet by Dani Couture (Poetry), and “Ravenna Gets” by Tony Burgess (Short Story). Blood Relatives is a darkly comic tale of Charlie and his luckless life. As the reader follows Charlie on his shaggy dog life adventures, one wonders if Charlie’s luck will turn around, and should it? Read the review from Salty Ink here.

Anyone looking for edgy, intriguing, different fiction to pitch to a book group or readers who want to explore new literary territory should have a look at the ReLit short and long lists. Both are published on the website.



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