Fiction that reads like nonfiction

Usually it’s the other way around. Readers will ask for nonfiction that reads like fiction. True stories that are dubbed narrative nonfiction, creative nonfiction, journalistic nonfiction, faction, etc.

But a reader of nonfiction recently wrote to Dear Book Lover at The Wall Street Journal asking for fiction that reads like nonfiction. What does this type of fiction look like like? The Book Lover talks about historical fiction in her reply, but also goes on to mention a few other novels with a contemporary setting and feel. Take a moment to read the entire column here. And don’t miss the comments from other readers. There are excellent suggestions of fiction that reads like nonfiction presented.





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Kaite Mediatore Stover refuses to give up her day job as director of readers' services for The Kansas City Public Library to read tarot cards professionally or be the merch girl/roadie for her husband's numerous bands. Follow her on Twitter at @MarianLiberryan.

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  1.' Laura Wadley says:

    The Call by Yannick Murphy

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