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Archer, the book

Some things just seem perfectly designed for you to love, like there was a high-level meeting in your brain where all the things that get you geeky were focus-grouped in elegant synchonicity to come up with your ideal product. The animated TV show Archer is just that product for me. It’s a perfect storm of cartoons, spies, scotch, mayhem, penthouses, casual violence, nostalgia for a vaguely ’60s/Cold War world I never experienced in the first place, a raunchy sensibility so lowbrow it’s sublime, and jokes delivered with such perfect timing you could set the atomic clock by them. True story: the whole reason I joined Twitter in the first place was to access such pearls of wisdom from Sterling Archer:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/codenameduchess/status/10939913994″]

Alas, Sterling seems to have fallen off the tweet-verse. But hey, lookie here! It’s How to Archer, the Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written:

What other book will teach you how to dress properly and how to drive an elephant? How to field strip an AK-47 and how to haggle with a Thai prostitute—in her native tongue? How to pilot an airboat and how to make about a million delicious cocktails, including a Molotov one? How to kill a guy and how to prepare a fabulous brunch? Plus how to do tons of other stuff that I forgot, but that is nonetheless probably in this book (which, to be honest, I really only kinda skimmed).

If you already have a time machine, head on over to January, 17, 2012 and get yourself a copy. If not, what are you waiting for?



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  1.' Alan Archer says:

    Too bad Sterling isn’t part of my family tree. It would add a great element of excitement to an otherwise nice, but ordinary group.

  2.' Kaite Stover says:

    Xmas gift. For next year.

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