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Book Trailer Thanksgiving: Why We Broke Up

The Why We Broke Up Project

This week’s BTT doesn’t quite qualify as a trailer, but I’d argue that it has the same intented result as one: what better way to drum up excitement for a new book than by inviting the blogosphere to step right up and share hilarious and heartbreaking tales of their own? The Why We Broke Up Project blog, to accompany Daniel Handler’s forthcoming YA novel (illustrated by Maira Kalman, and with a starred Booklist review), does just that, and will have readers testing their browsers’ scrolling capabilities to devour these most universal, and often most confounding, human experiences. Handler explains the project on its homepage:

In order to write and illustrate this tale of heartbreak, Maira and I dug deep into our own romantic histories, remembering all of the times we’ve been dumped, particularly by [name redacted] and, in Maira’s case, [name redacted]. It was almost like getting our hearts broken all over again, several times, and it doesn’t seem fair that we would have to do this and you wouldn’t.

Break-up stories are categorized (“I can’t believe how disgusting you were,” and “I can’t believe you wore that,” to name a couple), and Handler himself even responds to a few. It’s genius, really – who doesn’t love to read/tell a little sob story now and then? And the internet is truly the perfect platform; if this “project” took place on a real-life stage, Handler the emcee might have trouble ever getting the microphone back.



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