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A Sweet Success Story

There’s something downright charming about a small independent publisher hitting it big with an honest-to-God best-seller, the kind of success—complete with ancillary sales—that enables a struggling company to stabilize its finances and, hopefully, move on to even greater things. And, call me a bit warped, but I like the story even more when all that success is made possible by dropping an f-bomb in just the right place. So it was for Akashic Books, whose surprise hit, the children’s-book parody Go the Fuck to Sleep, has been entrenched on best-seller lists for six months and has been spun off into a TV show and prompted numerous copycat books, each dropping the same f-bomb. One hears a lot of depressing publishing news these days, which makes a sweet, wholesome story like this one all the more appealing. (Curiously, though, Akashic is now planning to publish a real kids’ book based on the parody. That sounds like a bridge too far to me, but what do I know?)



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