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Book Trailer Thursday: That Is All

Book Trailer Thursday switches gears this week from puppies to apocalpyse with John “I’m a PC” Hodgman’s That Is All. Lighten up the gloomy (in Chicago, at least) day with this hilarious trailer, which boasts more celebrity cameos than BTT has seen in a long while along with perhaps the most annoying song ever written. (And look for the Booklist review in the upcoming November 1st issue!) Warning to viewers: contains mild bird flipping, barefoot walking in Times Square.



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Annie Bostrom is Associate Editor, Adult Books, at Booklist. She is a cat person, but also really likes dogs. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Annie.

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  1. P.S. Hey! Nice library.

  2. Bill Ott says:

    Love the Ferret Skeleton Room.

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