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Molly Fox’s Birthday

I recently read a book that has been lingering in my mind for weeks. The themes that Molly Fox’s Birthday by Deirdre Madden explore somehow resonated with me. Madden’s novel is about the long-term friendships and family relationships, the ways in which we do and do not communicate with one another and all of the feelings and memories that course through a person on a given day.

Narrated by an unnamed playwright, Molly Fox’s Birthday introduces Molly Fox, the playwright’s actress friend whose house she is staying in, and her college friend turned television art critic, Andrew. Staying in Molly’s house brings up a swirl of questions and emotions for the narrator–how well does she know her friends and herself and how does one’s upbringing effect the kinds of connections and relationships one is able to make as an adult? Staying at Molly’s cottage in Dublin also calls to mind the politics of Ireland and being Irish which are explored in very nuanced, personal ways.

The conclusion of this book brings together so many strands and almost begs to be discussed.

If you like books that take place over a short span of time, in this case one day, and that delve into the interior world of a character, then try Deirdre Madden’s Molly Fox’s Birthday.



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