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Reading Ray Bradbury

I have been having my own Ray Bradbury reading streak of late and was pleased to discover that there has been something of a Bradbury revival out there.

For one, Ray Bradbury just turned 91 and writer Alice Hoffman wrote a very nice piece for the LA Times about Bradbury to mark the auspicious birthday and pay homage to his influence on her decision to become a writer. Hoffman had this to say about Bradbury’s influence:

His stories embraced a different reality, and they insulated me from the despair of a family that was breaking apart. It was the realization that stories could save readers that made me begin thinking about being a writer myself. I was able to see through my own heartbreak into the future, and I decided to write myself there.

My first story was about a lone survivor in a world that had been devastated. It was only later I realized I was writing about myself, about a girl who felt alone, who clung to fiction and to Bradbury’s books as if they were a life raft.

I also discovered that the Guardian’s online book group is discussing Fahrenheit 451. On their site there are already some lovely discussion threads and resources on Bradbury and his classic, controversial work.

So bring Ray Bradbury to your next book discussion or go join in on the Guardian’s discussion of Fahrenheit 451 now!



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  1.' Alex says:

    We read The Martian Chronicles several years back. I think the group was more open to reading it because they knew Bradbury’s name. Otherwise, I doubt they would have taken the Sci-Fi plunge. We had a great discussion, though, well, aside from the fact that half the group had a different edition from the others that had an extra story included. I’m encouraging another group in our library to read Something Wicked This Way Comes next October for the same reason.

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