EW does RA

In the latest print issue of Entertainment Weekly 9/2/11 , you will find a great example of readers’ advisory on the Letters page.

It starts with “If You Love The Help…” and two readers of EW made the same suggestion for a readalike, Like One of the Family: Conversations From a Domestic’s Life.

EW staff writer Kevin Sullivan took it a little further by drawing parallels between character, setting, time period, and story between Like One of the Family and The Help. His annotation is spot on, including a piece of tragic humor that perfectly illustrates how the employer views her employee.

I like doing readers’ advisory at my job. I even like doing it outside my job. But I like reader’s advisory best when I see readers doing it for each other. That’s how I know we’re all doing a good job at readers’ advisory.

Kudos to Kevin, Jason of Pasadena, and Courtney of Silver Spring, MD.



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Kaite Mediatore Stover refuses to give up her day job as director of readers' services for The Kansas City Public Library to read tarot cards professionally or be the merch girl/roadie for her husband's numerous bands. Follow her on Twitter at @MarianLiberryan.

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  1. blfrancis@bellsouth.net' Betty says:

    Thanks you SO much for bringing this title to my attention. My library doesn’t have a copy and I wanted to read it before Thursday…so I downloaded it to my Kindle! I was disappointed in The Help because I thought the author flattened the emotional content as well as most of the characters.

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