Web Crush of the Week: The Bookrageous Podcast

The Bookrageous Podcast on PodBean.com is about being serious about books without always being serious. It’s about having fun with books, making books exciting again, reminding readers why they read, and introducing great people to great books. It’s about books being awesome and people being willing to be a little bit silly in the name of celebrating them. (They’re pretty serious about the awesomeness of books.) In additiont to a roundup of what individual contributers have been reading, the podcast also features great discussions on topics from Literary Pet Peeves or Favorite Underdog Books.  Podcasters include Josh Christie from BrewandBooks.com, Rebecca Joines Schinsky from The Book Lady’s Blog, Ali Colluccio from wonderali.com, and Jenn Northington from The Adventures of Jenn I(n) R(eal) L(ife). Happy Listening!



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