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Reading the Screen: Bag of Bones

According to this article at the Hollywood Reporter’s website, A&E is going to air a four-part miniseries based on Stephen King’s 1998 novel Bag of Bones, to be directed by King veteran Mick Garris (The Stand, Desperation, Riding the Bullet, the quite bad television version of The Shining).

Pierce Brosnan, my third favorite James Bond, will star as novelist Mike Noonan, who’s so distraught over his wife’s sudden death that he gets the world’s worst case of writer’s block, which turns out to be the least of his problems. I’ve read Bag of Bones, and I definitely wasn’t picturing Brosnan as Noonan, but I’ve also seen Brosnan in The Matador, so I know he doesn’t always have to look dashing.

And here’s a bonus, at least for me: the miniseries is being filmed in Nova Scotia. If you haven’t visited my home province (what’s kept you?) you probably don’t realize that it’s a very good match for the novel’s rural Maine setting.  

I’m always excited about a new Stephen King adaptation. I’m usually disappointed, but hope springs eternal, don’t it?



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