Manso v. Garner: The Makings of a Genuine Literary Feud?

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good, old-fashioned literary dust-up—and while I’m not sure that Manso v. Gardner has the makings of a classic, I’ll take what I can get on a sleepy summer Monday. If you didn’t read Garner’s entertaining but occasionally odd takedown of Manso’s Reasonable Doubt: The Fashion Writer, Cape Cod, and the Trial of Chris McCowen in the New York Times, and if you’ve missed Manso’s return salvo, you can get all caught up on the Atlantic Wire’s “Spatwatch.”

What did Booklist think? Well, we considered it for review but declined based on a trusted reviewer’s analysis. She found it “rambling and unclear.” (Unlike Garner, however, she had nothing to say about Manso’s author photo.)

So far this feud is more of a fuss, but with any luck, it has legs.



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