New Beginnings

I know that the release of the last Harry Potter movie has some patrons (and staff) rocking back in forth in corners holding pointy hats and tin foil wands. Nothing I can do about that. But if crawling around after a 9-month-old has taught me anything, it’s that distraction is a fantastic way to affect behavior change. So, you could shake a rattle at your patrons, as I do, or you can show them a bright shiny new series to devour. Series with media tie-ins and large online communities to keep the obsession going are excellent ones to try. Game of Thrones, anyone? Have you met Patrick Rothfuss? Let me introduce you, I think you two will have a lot on common.Think outside the genre box. Could Master and Commander fill a swoony place in Potter fans’ hearts? What about the precocious little misfit at the center of Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie?



About the Author:

Karen Kleckner Keefe is the director of the Hinsdale (IL) Public Library, a Booklist reviewer, and one of Library Journal's 2009 "Movers and Shakers." Follow her on Twitter at @KarenKleckner.

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