Sanctuary Re-Released!

Sanctuary e-bookReaders who followed along to “Desperately Seeking DeSario,” my article about tracking down the forgotten author of one of my all-time favorite novels, take note: Joseph P. DeSario’s Sanctuary is now available in a brand-new e-book edition. Random House has a collection of links where you can buy it from a variety of retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.

The e-book jacket includes a quote from my starred review:

“DeSario is a miracle worker . . . [He] swings for the fences and knocks it clear out of the park.”


It’s difficult for me to explain how surreal it is that a quote from me is on the front of this book. I won’t even try. Just read the article and the follow-up (one of the most popular posts in this blog’s history). Then buy the book. You won’t be disappointed.



About the Author:

Dan Kraus is Booklist's Editor of Books for Youth. He is also the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

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