Reading the Screen: A Carrie Remake?

carrie-movie-poster2You might have read that Carrie, Brian De Palma’s excellent 1976 movie based on Stephen King’s first novel, is being remade…or rebooted…resomethinged, anyway. (See this Hollywood Reporter story, for example.)

Do we need it? Sure, De Palma’s movie isn’t exactly 100% faithful to the book, but it’s chilling and memorable. It also has the best performance Sissy Spacek has ever given, and yes I know she won an Academy Award for Coal Miner’s Daughter. She was also nominated for Carrie, and she should have won, too.

And let’s not forget the 2002  Carrie television movie — and pilot for a series that never got made — that seriously mangled the story, sending Carrie to Florida, where she…on second thought, let’s forget that one.

Here’s the thing: Carrie is a great novel, but it’s already been made into a great movie. And if moviemakers didn’t have computer graphics, which will allow them to stage spectacular episodes of destruction and mayhem, would anybody even consider making another movie out of the book?

I don’t think they would. What do you think?



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  1. Bill Ott says:

    No, a thousand times no.

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