Must your pick be out in eBook format?

Purely out of curiosity – do you check to see if your discussion choices are available for Kindle or other eBook readers?  In my women’s group, more than half of us have devices – all Kindles.  Several others read on their iPhones occasionally.  I love that at the end of our discussions, when we pick the next book, people whip out their devices and instantly download the next selection.  I think the first time it happened, I just started laughing!

I’ve found that if a book is not available in eBook format, there is at least one person who doesn’t get around to picking up a paper copy of the book.

How about your groups?  Does having it in eBook format or not make much of a difference?



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Rebecca Vnuk is the editor for Collection Management and Library Outreach at Booklist. She is also the author of 3 reader’s-advisory nonfiction books: Read On…Women’s Fiction (2009), Women’s Fiction: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests (2014), and Women’s Fiction Authors: A Research Guide (2009). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_RVnuk.

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  1.' laura says:

    There are a couple members of the mystery group here at the library who would prefer that everything we read be available as an ebook. I’ve said I’ll do what I can but that I feel it puts too many constraints on our selection if that HAS to be one of the criteria.

  2.' Alissa says:

    Yes, for 2011 I made sure all our library book group picks were available as ebooks, and that I could also purchase them for our ebook collection, as I have one book group member who always reads on her nook, and several other who occasionally read on their devices.

  3.' Karen Ehlers says:

    I try to be conscious that the book be available in all formats – iPad, Kindle, Nook and library. I made the mistake once of picking a book that was not only available in the e-formats but hard to find as it was out of print. And then I was the only one that enjoyed it!

    I have only one book club member who still reads a library book. And I find that kind of funny. Although I go across the formats. Right now, trying to save money, I’m only reading library books or books I have stacked up here at home.

    But I think one of these books is gonna be library only – just to see the reaaction.

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