Weird But True! 300 Outrageous Facts

96934564Lynn: I’m probably not telling anyone anything new here but having just listened to both grandsons read me all 300 facts at least twice in the last three days, I decided to tell you anyway.  When we opened the package from the publisher with Weird But True 3 (National Geographic 2011), I was nearly flattened as the boys lunged for it.  There was a brief skirmish and, after mediation, there was utter silence for thirty blissful seconds.  Then it began, “Nana, did you know that some people can hear their eyeballs moving?”  “Nana, listen to this!  A British man ate 36 cockroaches in a minute!”  “Nana, did you know that feet have 500,000 sweat glands?”  (I think I guessed this fact already just being around their sneakers.)

For the past three days we have been listening to each and every weird but wonderful fact read out to us.  I’m running out of admiring superlatives but I don’t think the boys mind.  “Wow!” seems to work just fine.  So if you were wondering if buying #3 is worth it, let me just say, “DUH!”  Kids, especially boys, adore these and they will read them over and over again to anyone who will listen.  Well – there’s some GREAT vocabulary here and  there’s a darn good index too which makes for nice teachable moments.  Take my advice and just buy this as quickly as possible.  Say, did you know that one of the world’s most expensive coffees comes from animal droppings?  Hmmm, maybe I’m done with coffee for this morning.

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