Frequent Flier Miles for Armchair Travelers

armchair-travelHaving grown up in a family of teachers, summertime always gets me in a travelling mood. I’m staying put this year, but here’s a nice list from the Telegraph of 24 books that will send readers on a trip around the world. I like the idea of travel-themed book group meetings. Instead of fighting with all of those member vacations during the busy summer months, send your group off on the book group alternative to journeying.

Pick a destination, then send your readers in search of the book that best evokes that particular setting. Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust to Go makes a good starting point for identifying place-appropriate choices. Add to the fun by bringing food and drink to the meeting that fit the selected place, or even holding the meeting at a great ethnic restaurant. If someone in the group has actually lived in or visited the place in question, get them to bring some photos or share their experiences. Visit the local library for picture books to pass around or appropriate music to play as your readers begin to congregate. It’s an easy and winning approach, one that can take your group to any number of fascinating places.



About the Author:

Neil Hollands is an Adult Services Librarian at Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia, where he specializes in readers’ advisory and collection development. He is the author of Read On . . . Fantasy Fiction (2007) and Fellowship in a Ring: a Guide for Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Groups (2009).

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