Press Here by Herve Tullet

98296467Lynn: The cover of Press Here (Chronicle Books 2010) sports a big yellow dot on the cover and the urge to do exactly that is simply irresistible!  That is just the beginning.  “Ready?” asks the unseen narrator and off we go.  Large primary colored dots grow, multiply and move around the stark white pages as readers follow instructions to press, tap, clap, tilt or turn the book and then – start all over again.   Who needs video games?  I guarantee this book will completely engage young readers – and their families as well and the giggles will multiply as fast as the colored dots.

This is a terrific book to use with the youngest reader but I’m convinced there isn’t an upper age level for the fascination.  Our 7-year-old focus group adored this book and have given it quite a work out.  It would be great to use as a lap book or for emergent readers eager to read on their own.  Fortunately the book is really sturdy with a strong cover and pages made of a heavy paper with an almost laminated feel that resist fingerprints and vigorous reading.  Go ahead – Press Here!

Cindy: I agree that there is not an upper age limit. I got the concept after just a few pages and yet I still couldn’t resist following the book’s orders before turning each page. Of course I looked like an IDIOT at my desk blowing on pages and laughing but my students and teachers are used to me. Check out the book trailer on YouTube to get a better sense of the fun waiting for you when you “Press Here.”




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Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan are Booklist reviewers and middle-school librarians who have chaired both ALA’s Best Books for Young Adults and the Michael L. Printz Award for YA Literature committees. Follow Bookends on Twitter at @BookendsBlog. You can also find Cindy at @cdobrez and Lynn at @482april.

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  1. Indeed, this is an all ages book. I’ve read it with and to 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders (as well as adults) and they all love it (and do what is asked of them whatever the age).

  2.' Walter Mayes says:

    This sits on a table in my middle school library and delights students every day!

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