Mike Lawson Heartily Recommends Something Creepy

Mike Lawson (photo by Tara Gimmer)Mystery MonthOur reviewer called Mike Lawson‘s House Justice “a superb example of the post–cold war espionage novel”—so we thought we’d ask Lawson to recommend a book that he himself finds superb. Lawson picked a book by another writer we’ve reviewed awfully well, one very different in tone from his own work. (Lawson’s newest, House Divided, was just reviewed in the May 1 issue of Booklist, and we thought it was another hit.) Stay tuned for more great authors with more great #mysterymonth recommendations, all month long here on Likely Stories.

Skin, by Mo HayderI’m a big reader and have a number of favorite authors, but I just read Skin by Mo Hayder.  I was introduced to Mo’s books in The Devil of Nanking and I was struck immediately by her unique voice, the complexity of her novels and, more than anything else—for the lack of a better word—the creepiness. Her mind works in bizarre ways, and the results are fascinating. Then I had the opportunity to meet Mo at a breakfast in New York, and I was expecting this weird, exotic, eccentric person—and instead met a normal, down-to-earth mom who talked mostly about her daughter. But her books are anything but normal, and for those who like deliciously macabre stories, I’d heartily recommend her.



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