Sophie Littlefield on a Writer Who Could Make Tax Code Thrilling

Sophie LittlefieldMystery MonthIt’s Day Three of Booklist‘s Mystery Month and the raves just keep on coming. Today we hear from Sophie Littlefield, whose ass-whuppin, fiftyish Stella Hardesty is “a force to be reckoned with,” according to our reviewer. The forthcoming installment in the series that began with A Bad Day for Sorry is next month’s A Bad Day for Scandal, reviewed in the May 1 issue of Booklist. Read on as Littlefield raves about a book in which she had absolutely no interest–until she started reading. Share your own raves in the comments or on Twitter with the #mysterymonth hashtag!

Purgatory Chasm, by Steve UlfelderIt’s a real coup when an author writes a mystery focused on a subject in which you have absolutely no interest –and still keeps you riveted. Purgatory Chasm, the debut mystery by Steve Ulfelder, is such a book. I was hooked from the first gut-grab sentence through the final twist, despite the fact that I care nothing for its backdrop of fast cars. But I suspect Ulfelder could write next year’s tax code and I’d be raving about that, too–such is his gift for pacing, character, and assembling sentences that are far more than the sum of their parts. 



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