The Case of the Missing Author: Solved!

mystery-month-tagIf you haven’t read the Mystery Showcase feature Desperately Seeking DeSario,” read it right this instant. Don’t do it for me; do it for Joseph P. DeSario, the author of Sanctuary–I novel I fell in love with when I was 15 and read repeatedly until three months ago when I tracked down DeSario and discovered why he stopped publishing.

img_1126Booklist did indeed review DeSario’s first novel, Limbo. We did not, however, review Sanctuary. So when I met with DeSario and he showed me his sole copy of the original galley (pictured), I did what Booklist reviewers do with galleys: I reviewed it. Starring a book never felt so good.

DeSario was also gracious enough to submit to a few questions on video. Below, he talks about getting that phone call from me out of the blue, how Sanctuary was inspired by this Little Steven song(!), and where he plans to go from here.

You can still find Sanctuary–check Amazon, Alibris, or your local library. Don’t make me hoard every single copy. (See below.) But just because Sanctuary is my thing, that doesn’t mean it’s yours. What book do you love that no one else has ever heard of?

Tell me what that book is. (And then maybe find the author and tell him or her, too.)

Update 5/5/11: Good news has just come my way. Doubleday has announced that they will be putting both of DeSario’s novels back into print via e-books. Sanctuary (9780307801722) will be released on June 15, and Limbo will follow. Sometimes the good guys win after all.




About the Author:

Dan Kraus is Booklist's Editor of Books for Youth. He is also the producer and director of numerous feature films, most notably the documentary Work Series, and the author of several YA novels, including Rotters and Scowler, both of which won the Odyssey Award. Follow him on Twitter at @DanielDKraus.

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  1. Keir Graff says:

    When I was a kid I was absolutely nuts about a book called “Clear for Action,” by Stephen Meader–a book that I have never heard anyone else mention since. Think I still have a copy somewhere…

  2. Daniel Kraus says:

    My runner-ups would be “Harvest Home” by Thomas Tryon and “Eating Ice Cream with a Werewolf” by Phyllis Green. Neither as obscure as “Sanctuary,” but what is?

  3.' Joe DeSario says:

    Thanks to Daniel Kraus and Booklist I’m no longer MIA, for which they have my heartfelt gratitude. Apparently, reviews are also a plate best served cold. This one tastes just great.
    I’m also thrilled to announce that Doubleday will be issuing eBook versions of SANCTUARY and LIMBO. I’m told they’re coming soon.

  4.' TS Housefield says:

    Have loved this book since the year it came out and have since waited for the Movie !!!!

  5.' Catherine Sahuc says:

    I like e-books but would be more interested in knowing if Sanctuary is going to be available again soon in hardback or paperback. Have not read this yet but based on the review my next click will be to Amazon!

  6.' Rodolfo E Gonzalez says:

    I am so happy that finally the readers are going to have the fortune to live the exiting world of my dear friend Joe DeSario he is one of the best guys I know, he is a friend a mentor and an unbelievable writer .I enjoyed reading his book fourteen years ago when he give me his autograph copy of “ CRUZADA” a great novel about the American Intelligence Agency (in Spanish) it is no surprise to me as I follow Joe’s books and finally to see that he is getting the recognition he well deserved.
    Sanctuary and Limbo are trilling and exiting books and I can wait to have then in E-Books………. You must read his staff … can wait for the movie !!!!!!!

  7.' Megan Danielson says:

    I also read Sanctuary (and Limbo) years and years ago (has it really been 14 years??) and am now inspired to go back and read again! Love that in this age of technology I’ll be able to read on my Kindle soon! Great to see this article and would love to know if I’d be able to get a paperback copy as well? Does anyone know? Kudos to Mr. Kraus for reviving this story!

  8.' Sara Latta says:

    What a wonderful story! I’ll have to download the ebooks on my iPad–they sound like something I’d love. Thanks, Daniel, for your detective work.

  9. Daniel Kraus says:

    Who know what the reprint future will be? Used copies are, of course, out there, but I’m excited for the ebook versions to arrive.

  10.' Matt Lathrop says:

    This is a great story and I’m glad its coming back out in an eBook format. I’m sort of old fashioned, though, in that I would love to to see this back on the bookstore shelves. Nothing like actually turning the pages!

  11. I don’t do e-books (my husband calls me a Luddite even though I am typing this on a iMac). Will there be paperbacks re-released???

  12.' Jennifer Lathrop says:

    I too read these awesome books many years ago! This article was inspiring! It inspired me to dust off my copies of the books & re-read them. And, I hope it inspires Doubleday to re-print them for the rest of the world to read too!

  13.' Heather Nowak says:

    Please say that they will be reprinting these books!! There is nothing like holding the actual book in your hands and this sounds like one to hold on to!!

  14.' Ann Cinquina says:

    Loved these mysteries from the start. Loaned mine out. Can’t wait to order them on eBOOKS to read them again.

  15.' Jim M says:

    Mr. Kraus, I truly enjoyed reading your article about Mr. Desario. I can’t believe you wrote about an author that I had often wondered what happened to and am so glad to hear that he’s writing again. I first read Limbo, what 14 years ago, and couldn’t believe that someone could take a subject of that nature and write a suspense/thriller from it. So when Sancturary came out, I had to read it. Sanctuary topped Limbo. Glad you’re back, Mr. Desario.

  16.' Cathy B says:

    Mr. Kraus, A great story about a great author. I first read Limbo and Sanctuary years ago, and your article inspired me to pull them out and enjoy them all over again. Great first reads, and I bet, even better the second time around. Will we be hearing more from this author???

  17.' Susan Sutherland says:

    Is Doubleday going to release these books in paperback?

  18.' Trish Strother says:

    I am not into ebooks – don’t have a kindle or nook, but I would love to see these in print again!! I, for one, would definitely buy Santuary and Limbo in paperback or hardback – preferable paper!! If anyone sees them out there – let me know!

  19.' Pat Steinman says:

    What wonderful news, Joe DeSario is writing again!
    I too read and reread his books (and they are proudly displayed in our bookcase). His books are thrilling and exciting-I have always hoped they would be made into movies as well – one can always hope.

  20.' Jeanne Grish says:

    I was so happy to see the well deserved article about Joe DeSario. He is truly a wonderful author who should be recognized more for his thrillers. I hope to see more books out or even better a movie version of Sanctuary or Limbo. I feel inspired to get out my copies and read them again.

  21.' Dave K says:

    Great article! Inspired me to read Sanctuary again. Now just have to find my copy. May have to purchase again as I may have lost it in my last move.

  22.' Phil Bounsall says:

    I have read both Sanctuary and Limbo. If you are into thrillers, these are both great reads. DeSario does a great job of weaving the plot and developing interesting characters. If you read these, you will be asking for more. I love both of these novels and I will be buying the ebook versions as soon as they are out…can’t wait to read them again!

  23.' Ryan Matthew says:

    Mr. Kraus – I’ve actually known Joe DeSario for about 10 years now and now realize that I haven’t read his books! Sanctuary is going to be my next plane book followed by Limbo. Thanks for an inspiring story. Looking forward to being able to purchase what sound like great novels!

  24.' Mark Austin says:

    A great story Daniel ….almost as good as his books! Cant wait for the movie…or how about a mini TV series?

  25.' Abigail says:

    When will I be able to find a hard copy in Barnes & Noble?

  26.' Joe DeSario says:

    Thanks to all who have posted comments. It’s especially gratifying to see that there is still interest in my books. And thanks, too, to everyone at Doubleday; they’ve just informed me that the SANCTUARY eBook is scheduled for release on June 15th (eISBN: 9780307801722).

  27.' Martin T. Nazzlow says:

    “Lizard Music” by David Pinkwater–I loved the hell out of that book when I was a kid!

  28.' Brian Wilson says:

    When I was a kid, I really liked the book A Long Day in November by Ernest J. Gaines, who also wrote The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, among other celebrated works. I am surprised that this book is not only no longer in print, but is a book many folks have not heard of.

  29.' Stephanie M. says:

    I missed these books the first time around, having been too young, but after reading this intriguing article I can’t wait to see what I’ve been missing! Hoping that these books are re-realesed for a new generation to enjoy!

  30.' Gina Irving says:

    Please rerelease in paperback. Thank you!

  31.' Cassie Flynn says:

    Is Doubleday going to release these books in paperback My Mother read these years ago but I am a papperback only reader. Are they going to be re-released anytime soon? How can I get a hard copy? Not interested in ebooks.

  32.' Mary Williams says:

    I would love to be able to read all of his books. I really enjoy reading, but I want a book to read. I do most of my reading before I go to bed at night. Would love to see all of Joe DeSario books in print again.

  33.' Joan Smalley says:

    Would love to see Limbo and Sanctuary re-released in paperback. Not really a e-book person.

  34. No eBook reader here except my iPhone… I still prefer actually turning paper pages. Any chance Mr. DeSario’s books will be rePRINTED? I’d buy them!

  35.' Melanie Renner says:

    Such a wonderful story about a great author. Doubleday, please bring these books back in paperback!!

  36.' Vicky Yocum says:

    Please release in paperback. Prefer curling up with a real book! What a wonderful story. Please give this author some bookshelf space at the local bookstores!

  37.' Kelly Grish says:

    I had heard about these books but never got a chance to read them, however I’d really like to! I don’t know where I could get a copy though. I don’t have an ebook or anything though so paperback is the only way I could read them.

  38.' Kim Ricca says:

    Bring it on again! Would love to see this reprinted.

  39.' Alyssa Getsey says:

    How can I get a hard copy? Don’t do ebooks at all.

  40.' Maria Mancuso says:

    Mr. Kraus,

    This is such an interesting article on Joe DeSario’s books. I’ve know him a little over three years, He is a great person to know!

    I have always loved to read books on mystery and these sound very interesting, so I’m waiting to see them in paper back or hard cover so I could sit in the late night, all curled up in a blanket and read without starring at a computer screen. This might make me old fashion, but it’s O.K.!

  41.' Amber Mavradas says:

    Does anyone know if Joe DeSario’s books will also be back out in paperback? I read and enjoyed Limbo, many years ago. You have now peeked my interest and I am excited to read Sanctuary. I have not yet joined the world of
    kindles, nooks etc. so I hope Mr. DeSario’s novels are back out in hard copy soon!

  42.' Madeline Henry says:

    I love mystery/suspense books and haven’t made the move to the e-books yet. I would love to see them in hard copies.

  43.' Mary Leonberger says:

    I have never read any of Mr. DeSario’s books. But definately want to now! I’m not an e-book reader and only like paperback. PLEASE PLEASE re-release all of his books in paperback!! How can I get a copy in hardback/paperback??

  44.' Lisa San Filippo says:

    Your article about finding Joe DeSario was really interesting.

    I would love to read his novels but prefer paperback or hard covered copies. Hope to see them on the store shelves soon.

  45.' Patti Droschak says:

    Would love more from Joe DeSario. I would like a Large Print hard copy choice however. Can totally see him having number 1 hits.

  46.' Barbara Schuering says:

    Interested in obtaining paperback copies of Joe DeSario’s books. I don’t do e-book. Barbara Schuering

  47.' Jo Seiler says:

    Reading about locating DeSario was exciting and I would love to read both writings in paperback or hard cover. Thanks.5-14-11 5:47 P.M.

  48.' jim vail says:

    A book i’ve not been able to find since high school is Mr Moon about the first contact between an alien and earth. read it at least three times, have no idea where i put it or who the author is.
    There is a wonderful y.a. novel about a boy searching for an author in Salinas called Steinbeck’s Ghost

  49.' Shannon Leonberger says:

    Looking to get a hold of some Joe DeSario books…I’d like to share them with my book group.

  50.' Sandra Mancuso says:

    I love the book Sanctuary already and I just started it! I can’t wait to check out Limbo. I’m not generally a E-book reader and I borrowed a hard cover version, but a paperback would be great for traveling!

  51.' Joanne Snow says:

    I would love to see Joe DeSario’s books released on paperback! I am looking forward to reading Sanctuary.

  52.' Peggie Jones says:

    This is a very intriguing story. We would like to read one of his books for our Itasca Book Club. So please re-release his books, there seems to be a lot of interest! [e-books are not our thing, we are too old fashioned for that. Plus you can’t beat the feel of a book].

  53.' Debby Sosine says:

    I love Joe’s books and am the proud owner of a signed copy of all three. I’m hoping they are put in print again so I can get one to give to my kids for their libraries. I would love to see Limbo on the big screen.

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