Slippery Anniversary

It’s been a year–a very, very rough year in many, many ways, since the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 men, injured 17 others, and resulted in millions of gallons of oil geysering into the sea over the course of a 3-month tragicomedy of corporate error and outrages. We’ve been reading strongly written book about the BP disaster over the past six months or so, and will now recap, so to speak, for patrons who want dig deeper than this week’s media rounds.  Here’s our list, in order of release date:

Disaster on the Horizon: High Stakes, High Risks, and the Story behind the Deepwater Well Blowout. By Bob Cavnar.

Drowning in Oil: BP and the Reckless Pursuit of Profit. By Loren Steffy. 

Blowout in the Gulf: The BP Oil Spill Disaster and the Future of Energy in America. By William R. Freudenburg and Robert Gramling.

A Sea in Flames: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout. By Carl Safina.

Poisoned Legacy: The Human Cost of BP’s Rise to Power. By Mike Magner.



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Donna Seaman is adult books editor at Booklist. Her radio interviews are collected in Writers on the Air: Conversations about Books (2005). Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Donna.

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