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I’ve always been rather reluctant to select fantasy for discussion in my book groups. My readers don’t seem to care for it (I recall their general ennui regarding Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell) but I think it’s time to try again and I think I’ve found the right title.

A Game of Ta-game-of-thrones-coverhrones by George R.R. Martin is getting plenty of air play these days as the HBO series of the same name gets ready to debut. Like most folks, when books start getting big attention, I want to know more.

A story in today’s Kansas City Star about the book and the television show intrigued me enough to pick up one of my book group resources and read more about the epic fantasy.

I consulted Fellowship in a Ring by our own Neil Hollands and I’m convinced A Game of Thrones will be a great addition to the reading list for one of my groups next year. The plot is complex, sprawling, full of surprises and twists and told by characters who are morally complex. These are the characteristicfellowships of a good discussable book for any book group. Holland’s entry for this essential fantasy title includes brief author background and discussion topics. It’s the discussion topics that sold me. I haven’t read the book, but I can tell from the discussion questions that I want to talk about it.

I’m also planning on the DVD for A Game of Thrones to be released by next February and I may be able to pair the two versions in a book group event that will have us comparing film and print version.

If A Game of Thrones seems too daunting a read at over 600 pages for your book group, flip through the rest of Fellowship in a Ring for many other good fantasy or science fiction titles suitable for involved conversation. Or suggest titles that have worked well in your book groups in the comments field below.



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