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Reading the Screen: The Lincoln Lawyer

I should probably get this out of the way: I think Matthew McConaughey is a talented actor. Yes, every single romantic comedy he’s been in has been dreadful, but don’t forget he did Dazed and Confused, and U-571, and Two for the Money.

He’s a talented dramatic actor, that’s the thing, but he doesn’t do enough dramatic acting for you to remember that. Is he right for The Lincoln Lawyer, the new movie based on Michael Connelly’s 2005 novel? Mickey Haller, his character, is a successful criminal defense attorney. His clients are…well, let’s just say that the scum of the earth would be offended if you called Mickey’s clients that .

I know: he doesn’t sound like someone you’d get the charmingly handsome McConaughey to play.  But consider: in the novel, Mickey is a likable guy. He’s charming, in a bottom-feeder sort of way. And also: The Lincoln Lawyer is a story of personal reassessment.  (I’d say “personal redemption,” except that, when the novel end, redemption is still a fair distance down the road.)

You know how, when you read a novel, you picture the main character in your mind? I’ve read the book twice. I didn’t picture Matthew McConaughey, but I did picture someone very like him.

Here’s the movie’s trailer. See what you think.



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