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It was a thrill to speak with Richard Louv about his new book, The Nature Principle, which builds on the findings he reported in the seminal Last Child in the Woods. Our conversation led to a Story behind the Story. I asked Richard about the role libraries can play in encouraging children and adults to spend more time outdoors, taking in the beauty and wonder of the living world, and he promptly sent us a list of ideas and suggestions, More Story behind the Story.

Now Richard has posted a blog entry on his Children & Nature web site ( not only about how libraries can connect us to nature, but also how these activities can help boost support for libraries. That is the key lesson nature teaches us, that everything is connected, and that what benefits one entity, benefits others. Take a look at How Libraries Can Connect Children and Adults to Nature, and Build Support for Libraries.

And please let us know what your library is planning to do to encourage outdoor fun and exploration as the first stirrings of spring inspire thoughts of sunshine and flowers.



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