New Award to watch

There’s a new prize in town: The Independent Booksellers Choice Awards. It’s debuting in 2011 and the first winners will be named during Book Expo America in May.

Only independent bookstore staff are eligible to vote/nominate in the three rounds of voting. The first round is the Long List with voting through the month of March. The Short List voting will occur in April and the Final Voting for the Winners will happen during May.

If you drop by the  Booksellers Choice website, you’ll see there a page for Debate. There’s not much up there yet, since voting opened yesterday. But keep an eye out. There’s bound to be some good conversation about the kinds of books book groups will appreciate.

And that’s why I’m going to keep a close eye on this award. The indie booksellers always have more than a handful of great books for book groups that tend to slip under the radar.  What a great way to recognize those titles.



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