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Music Model

Over at his blog, author Nathan Bransford has some suggestions for the survival of bookstores that he’s culled from the way music stores have responded to the digital revolution.

They all make sense and we’ve seen some of them in practice already. The indie bookstore in my town, Rainy Day Books, is putting their energies into developing a staff that is known in the community for their book tastes, lively and entertaining author events, and great suggestions for book club members, as well as sustaining an in-store book group.

The Half Price Books in Kansas City is doing a healthy business in used/trade in books. They also pay attention to what the local book groups are reading and regularly post updates to their “we need this” bulletin board next to the trade-in counter.

I’m especially pleased with Bransford’s recognition that reading is more than an action, it’s an experience. From sniffing the binding, to turning the pages, to hugging the book. Makes me think we’ll be okay in the end.



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