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Martin Amis Draws Colorful Response from Children's Book Illustrator

Actually, that should read, Children’s Book Illustrator Draws Colorful Response to Martin Amis. Amis’ remark last week that “If I had a serious brain injury I might well write a children’s book” has drawn a firestorm of criticism (including one verbal slap from a children’s author who does have brain damage), but few as entertaining as that of children’s book illustrator Patricia Storms on her BookLust blog (she might want to have a friendly cup of tea with Nancy Pearl, by the way). Check out “Only a Brain Injury Could Make Me Draw Martin Amis” to see her response in full.

In the interest of balance, I did see one defense of Amis, Russell Smith’s “Kid-lit authors, get over yourselves – Amis has a point” (Globe and Mail). And I suppose Smith has a point, but still, an enfant terrible as aged as Amis knows what he’s saying, to whom he’s saying it, and what kind of effect his words will have. So the harshest rebuttal would be to deny him the attention he craves.



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