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Feedback Requested

Recently Neil has been doing a great job of letting us know which books published during the past year are winding up on the critics’s “best” lists.  What I’m curious about is whether our Book Group Buzz readers are planning to use any of these titles in upcoming book discussions.  Or maybe you have already?  Freedom?  Room?  A Visit from the Goon Squad?  I invite you to tell us all which of the “best” books will be talked about in your group — and why.  And if there are specific titles you’ve decided to give the cold shoulder, I’m sure everyone would be interested in hearing about that, too.



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Ted Balcom lives in Arlington Heights, IL and conducts workshops on leading book discussions, about which he has also published a book: Book Discussions for Adults: A Leader’s Guide (American Library Association, 1992).

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  1.' Alex Todd says:

    I distribute a list of potential titles for my members to vote on in October and I plan on putting many of the titles listed in this blog on the list. I also use NoveList and several publisher sites that offer discussion material. And, of course, member suggestions.

  2.' CarolK says:

    Our group will be reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. We picked it last June on the suggestion of a member who absolutley raved about it. I’ll let you know what the group thinks after the discussion.

    The group will choose again this June. I’ll bet at least one of these, probably Room, will be suggested.

    And our non-fic group is bound to pick one the favorites from that list also.

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