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Squawking with pride!

Weston Woods gave me the chance to be part of  an ALA Notable production! You might remember my post about recording the background clucks and squawks for Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley’s Chicken Little, hilariously narrated by the reboubtable Walter Mayes. Connie Rockman & I had a complete blast behind the mic providing the “voices” of Mayes’ panicked friends, a complete about-face from our usual seats behind the table in an ALA award committee. Chicken Little gave us the chance to tag on Walter’s tail-feathers and bask in the reflected glow of not one but TWO Notable seals on the production – one from the Notable Children’s Recordings committee for the audiobook, and a Notable Children’s Video as well. The best moment? When I played the audio for my granddaughter, who astutely crowed “Grandma!” when she heard my “Awks” and “Eeps” 😉



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Mary Burkey is a National Board Certified teacher-librarian in the Olentangy School District in Columbus, Ohio. Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

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  1.' Katy says:

    How CUTE! Glad she enjoyed it :)

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