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Reading the Screen: The Night Stalker

night-stalkerA while back (right here, as a matter of fact), I talked about the forthcoming movie based on Philip Carlo’s excellent book The Ice Man. Now comes news of another Carlo adaptation.

According to this story at Cinema Blend, James Franco may be directing and starring in a movie based on Carlo’s 2006 book The Night Stalker, about serial killer Richard Ramirez, who terrorized Los Angeles in the mid-1980s.

It’s a gripping, gritty, and very unsettling story. Franco, an actor who seems equally at home in light comedy and dark drama, feels like the right choice to play Ramirez.

Carlo is one of the better true-crime writers: even as he’s detailing the horrific crimes of his subjects, he never forgets that they are human beings, and he helps us to understand why these people did these vicious crimes. Let’s hope The Night Stalker retains the book’s humanity.



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