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While searching around online this morning, I came across a book discussion policy document from the North Texas Regional Library System.

I was kind of surprised by this – I don’t think I have ever worked at a library with a formal written policy for book discussions.  The when I started to read it, I realized it was a collection development policy, not a behavioral or procedural policy.  Aha.  That I’ve come across many times, and have even written one or two myself.

But it started me thinking.  Do you have a formal “policy” for how your group is run, or what is expected of your members?  Do you think it’s necessary?



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  1.' Cindy D says:

    No, we don’t. But we have a problem – one member who hasn’t been to a meeting in months and won’t return phone calls. Wish she’d just be honest and let us know she’s no longer interested. So we’ll probably say x number of months not attending without a good excuse = dropped from membership.

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