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The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival

Author/madman/cyborg/prankster James Kennedy (I admit to knowing him from his book The Order of Odd-Fish), has unleashed his latest multimedia experiment upon the library world: The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival. It’s just what it sounds like: videos, in 90 seconds or less, encapsulating one of the many Newbery Medal winners.

The rules are simple: produce your vid, upload it wherever, email Mr. Kennedy, and if you’re some kind of budding Coppola, or just wildly lucky, your masterpiece might screen this fall at an event at the New York Public Library. (Yes, Mr. Kennedy has roped that venerable institution into his hijinks, which probably means he’s planning to take over the library with laser-beam-related weaponry while on the back of one of those cats He-Man used to ride, but that’s a worry for another time.)

Sez Mr. Kennedy:

It turns out that any book, no matter how worthy and somber, becomes pleasingly ludicrous when compressed into 90 seconds.

Indeed! Check out Mr. Kennedy’s boffo take on A Wrinkle in Time.  L’Engle would be proud. Or horrified. Oh, what the hell, let’s go with “proud.”

Your turn! The full list of Newbery winners is here, everything from The Graveyard Book to Johnny Tremain. Don’t everyone run out and do Smoky, the Cowhorse (1927), okay?



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  1. Laura says:

    This will be an immense help in filling in the blanks in my knowledge of the children’s literature canon. Like CliffsNotes but better.

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