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Readers, start your engines!

Or your e-reader devices. Same thing.

The New York Times published a story that ponders (again, as if we haven’t been pondering all year) the impact e-readers will have on the publishing industry, readers, and reading. What’s notable is everyone quoted seems to be less panicked about the demise of a literate culture and more hopeful that with more options for reading, more people will engage in this activity.

We book group facilitators have already seen some of the impact. Our members are bringing their e-readers to the discussion and keeping up just as well as the analog readers.

My hope for an e-book holiday is an increase in attendance at my book groups in the coming new year. All those new owners of e-readers will want to congregate where the other e-book readers are and compare devices and reading selections. And now that Amazon’s Kindle is allowing some swapping, they can trade titles.

Isn’t this great? New readers for the new year.



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