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Jane keeps biting

Had your fill of holiday turkey? How about a little more from the Austen cookpot?

Perennial book group darling, Jane Austen, just can’t seem to stop churning out the books. It’s like she never died. Which is what the publishers would have us believe.

I have a couple of book groups members who are die-hard Austen fans and get such a kick out of all the retellings, parallel stories, and remakes of Austen classics that make it into print. They confess to having a twisted interest in the paranormal Jane titles.

Such as Jane and the Damned. At a country dance, Jane meets one of the ‘Damned’ who turns her into a vampire. While seeking a cure in Bath, Jane is pressed into service to her country with other patriotic bloodsuckers.

Or how about Jjanebitesbackane Bites Back? Jane is still one of the undead, but she runs a bookstore in upstate New York and she’s really irked that all these Pride & Prejudice knockoffs are making money and she hasn’t seen a royalty check in over 200 years.

And how much fun would this blood-thirsty saga be if Darcy didn’t get in on the act? Vampire Darcy’s Desire pits our undead hero and his seductive appetites against the willful Elizabeth Bennett.

But no matter. None of them are a match for Emma and the Werewolves. Now there’s a gal I want to have my back on a riverside picnic or a debutante ball.



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