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Sterling's Gold Does Not Glitter

Sterling's Gold, by Roger SterlingHeadlines also considered: Sterling’s Gold Lacks Luster; Sterling’s Gold Slightly Tarnished; Sterling’s Gold a Cheap Alloy; Sterling’s Gold Fools No One; Sterling’s Gold Merely Iron Pyrite; Sterling’s Gold Is No Gem; Sterling’s Gold Lacks Eureka Moments; and you get the idea.

Opportunities for metallurgical wordplay abound with the pun-tastically titled Sterling’s Gold: Wit & Wisdom of an Ad Man. The briefly awaited book by Roger Sterling, a character on the hit AMC show Mad Men, is officially out today. (Follow the link to read my review, published yesterday.) And, in the unlikely event that you want to know the titles of still more books written by fictional TV characters, check out the AV Club’s extremely helpful list, “‘When God closes a door, he opens a dress’: 30-plus actual books written by fictional TV characters.”

And now, if you’ll excuse me: Sterling’s Gold Needs More Sterling Wit . . . Sterling’s Gold . . . I’m sure I can think of another one . . .



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  1.' Pete says:

    Just reproducing quotes from the show does seem like the lazy way to go, and relegates the book to bathroom reading material. You’d think they could hire some under-utilized fiction writer to write a full fake-memoir.

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