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On NPR: Master narrator George Guidall

The Art Of Storytelling Alive And Well In Audio Books by Lynn Neary features beloved audiobook icon George Guidall reflecting on the power of the spoken word, in both print and as an extended podcast on the NPR website. Guidall is one of the audiobook world’s most prolific voices, with over 900 titles to his name along with numerous honors and awards. From picture book read-alongs to providing the signature voice of best-selling series by blockbuster authors such as Tony Hillerman, Guidall has remained a constant standard of excellence for over twenty years. Visit Guidall’s website for a list of his favorite recordings, audio interview, and more. I’m always pleased to learn about audiobooks featured in the media (thanks, Bina!), but I am often bamboozelled by the name variations of the media format. In searching the NPR site, it looks like the NPR style book mandates “audio book” as two words. The Audio Publishers Association (“the voice of the audiobook industry”) holds for the single word “audiobook.” Those that started listening to Guidall when he was just a young whippersnapper might still call their downloaded digital recordings “books on tape.” In the fast-changing world of all things prefaced with the letter “i” or “e,”  it time for another name change to keep up with the new media Joneses? Perhaps we should shift to “aBook” for audiobooks! On second thought, this seems a bit like trying too hard. But it would make for a great alternate version of Lane Smith’s It’s a Book” 🙂



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Mary Burkey is an independent library consultant in Columbus (OH). An enthusiastic audiophile, she has served on all four of ALA's audiobook award committees as well as the Audies. In addition to writing the "Voices in My Head" column for Booklist, she is the author of Audiobooks for Youth: A Practical Guide to Sound Literature (ALA, 2013). Follow her on Twitter at @mburkey.

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  1.' george guidall says:

    A young whippersnapper????? Wow! I remember when I was whipping those snapperss. Those were the days.

    Thanks for your kind words and your thoughts. Books on Tape, though they’ve been Recorded Books major competitor, has become the generic term…like a Kleenex. It’s what ad men tried to do with aspirin when they staerted calling their product Bayer. Who cares? I marvel at the listeners’ devotion to the art form. Performing my library program in libraries around the country continues to thrill me no end. Upcoming shows will be in Hyatsville, MD., Two for the Leesburg, VA. area, and one in Westin, Ma.

    Best regards,
    George Guidall

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