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Talking about Books as Art

Next Friday I’ll be taking members from the numerous books groups I frequent to an exhibit that uses the book in various artistic and thought-provoking ways. I’m hoping to generate as much conversation about the artworks as we do about what’s between the covers.

I’ve blogged before about books as works of art and books used in works of art and one of the artists I’ve highlighted, Brian Dettmer, will be exhibiting a piece in this large show.

I find this type of art fascinating. I love talking about the content of a book after reading it and then thinking about the book in a different way. This is why I love art that uses the book and its pages, bindings, typefaces, to create a work that challenges me to think and view the object in a new light.

If you’re in Kansas City, look for the librarians at the Paragraph Gallery for the Pages: Books as Medium, Catalyst, Venue exhibit. After, we’ll probably go out for a drink and talk about books. The reading kind.



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