Dinosaur vs. the Potty by Bob Shea


Lynn: Dinosaur is back!  This time in Dinosaur vs. the Potty (Disney/Hyperion 2010) the foe is really formidable.  “Roar,” says Dinosaur, “I don’t need to use the potty!” Dinosaur puts that statement to the test with lemonade, a three juice box lunch AND splashing through puddles.  Dinosaur WINS!  But then a victory dance turns into…a potty dance!  Will Dinosaur make it in time?  Run, Dinosaur run!

The giggles will escalate as Dinosaur’s internal liquid level rises and parents of small children will totally recognize the potty dance! Like the first book, Dinosaur vs. Bedtime (Disney/Hyperion 2008) this is a treat to read aloud. Kids can gleefully participate in the sound effects and if you have enough space (and patience) they can demonstrate their version of the potty dance.  The first book was one of the top favorites of the kindergarten group I read to and our focus group thinks this one is even funnier.  Hey, as an (ahem) mature woman, I do a pretty good potty dance myself.

Cindy: I have witnessed many a potty dance in my day and Bob Shea has it down. We all think we can control ourselves…but sometimes nature wins out. And I love the illustrations of this red guy with his sharp but smiley teeth. Makes me laugh just to look at the pages. Readers who missed the first book, can get a glimpse here, and click on the link below the book to hear a podcast clip in which Mo Williams tell how much he HATES Dinosaur vs. Bedtime. Great fun. And yes, those of you who were suspicious that Lynn and I read like 7-year-old boys now have those suspicions confirmed. Guilty as charged. But we have fun. roar! roar! roar!



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