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Paranormal book club?

I’m wondering if this is a passing fad or not.  I know lots of libraries are now branching out from the traditional literary book club and going into genres.  (Many libraries have been doing mystery-themed or science fiction for years, kudos to them!)

What about paranormal?  Here’s an article on a library in Virginia that has one, I’m just curious to know if this is something others will consider?  Or do we think it might die out after the paranormal publishing phenomenon (say that three times fast) dies down?



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  1.' Dan Nieman says:

    The possibilities are almost endless with a paranormal book club. It would have to be built on a broad basis. Vampires, werewolves and zombies are hot right now, but tose trends will evolve.

    Some things that would make a paranormal book group click are:

    Include Movies graphic novels and videogames as potential topics of discussion. The paranormal is a multimedia genre.
    Do both fiction and nonfiction. Consider discussing true crime stories that have a paranormal twist. Read folklore tales that introduce ghosts, spirits, vampires etc.
    Consider doing haunted history, haunted travel and even hauted places in your home town.
    Don’t forget about about discussing aliens, cryptozology and urban legends these are high interest topics for those of us who are into the paranormal.
    You may also consider having more than one staff facilitator. My library does not have a paranormal book club, but we have multiple staff members who specialize in particular aspects of the field.

  2. Rebecca Vnuk says:

    Thanks Dan! Great advice!

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