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Today’s Video Break: Jennifer Egan & Michele Cobb

Egan, author of The Invisible Circus, Look at Me (a finalist for the National Book Award), and The Keep, discusses her newest title A Visit From the Goon Squad with AudioGo’s Michele Cobb at last summer’s Get Caught Listening interviews during BookExpo America. Sit back and enjoy this conversation where both author & audiobook producer share their craft, in a half-hour chat. The Audio Publishers Association coordinated the book/audiobook interviews as part of the Author Stages live presentations at BEA – you can watch all of the sessions in the archive here – including those featuring narrator Katherine Kellgren, narrator Scott Brick & author Nelson DeMille, 12 year old narrator Everette Plen & author Lenore Look, the Galaxy Press Drama Group, and author & narrator David Pouge.



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