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In My Google Reader: Guardian Online’s Books Page

I am becoming quite the Guardian Online junkie. I just love their coverage of book news, reviews and author interviews. They cover books and authors that you don’t always see in the usual places and, because it’s a British publication, come at things from a different perspective.

Also, there is an online book group. And I am often impressed by the caliber of the comments and discussion forums (while some online forums theses days truly have on display the worst of what humanity has to offer). I have found out about many good books to read from the comments threads alone!

On Guardian’s Books page you will also find the Poem of the Week and special series, like short stories written expressly for the Guardian.

I keep discovering many literary wonders and treasures here on weekly basis. Make this a regular stop and you will be sure to find yourself turning into a Guardian junkie, too. Cheers!



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