Mario Vargas Llosa Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

vargas-llosaIn case you haven’t heard the news already, Mario Vargas Llosa, the 74-year-old Peruvian author of more than 30 works, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. He burst onto the international scene with the publication of  The Time of the Hero during the 1960’s. His later works include A Fish in the Water (1994). Apart from his novel writing, he’s been a Peruvian presidential candidate and a “crusading” journalist. JJ Sutherland, of NPR’s news blog  The Two-Way, assesses Vargas Llosa’s rather impressive resume this way: 

“If it turns out this guy is a professional race car driver in his spare time, my masculinity will diminish even further.”

Check out more in-depth profiles on Mr. Vargas Llosa written by the New York Times and the BBC.



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  1.' Keir says:

    For more on the masculinty of Mr. Vargas Llosa, read this:

    I think they modeled the guy in the Dos Equis ads after him!

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