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In My Inbox: AudioGo & ModernBookFactory

Banned Books & professionally narrated audiobooks for self-publishers ~ two items of interest in my inbox today.

~ AudioGo, formerly BBC Audiobooks America, is promoting Banned Book Week with a banner on their web site, as well as a feature spotlight on AudioGo titles that have been banned, from Shakespeare to The Lovely Bones. Here’s a great quote from AudioGo:

Why Spotlight Banned Books?
In addition to the significance of identifying censorship, the debate surrounding banned or challenged books often increases their popularity! Controversy leads to circulation! Frequently labeled as overtly sexual, racist, anti-religious, or containing subversive or inappropriate language, many banned or challenged titles are well-loved, thought provoking, or classic works!

~ ModernBookFactory is a brand-spanking-new service that “will enable independent publishers, authors and copyright owners to upload manuscripts, select narrators, then receive professionally produced audio and have their books produced as self-contained audiobook apps within 30 days. MBF will place apps in front of a global audience at the Apple iTunes® App StoreSM, on Android™ Market and on the copyright owner’s own website as a digital download,” according to this press release. A bit of a twist on the Podiobook idea, with the interesting addition of apps. Looks promising – I’d love to see the pricing breakdown as the service gets rolling.



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