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Teens are Talking About

mockingjay1Forget those swooning vampires and moony werewolves. Here’s a series with real bite and much more to talk about than whose team you’re on.

Suzanne Collins wraps up her Hunger Games trilogy with a more than worthy concluding entry, Mockingjay. Readers who have been waiting for the final volume may be shocked at some of the plot twists in Mockingjay, but overall, this series ends in a thoughtful, powerful, and satisfactory manner. Of course, it’s always possible that Collins will pen a follow-up, but if she never does, this series will stand on its own perfectly well.

There have been detractors who state the series is too violent and shocking and others who defend the vicious actions of the characters. Readers who want to gather to discuss this content rich series will certainly want to talk about the affects of war on society, a family, and the individual. Many of the characters in Mockingjay experience changes and none are more striking than Katniss’ when she finally discovers what her true weakness is.

Collins’ storytelling is smart and quick and it’s obvious she believes her readers are mature and intelligent enough to digest some very serious subjects. Don’t be surprised if the teens, or adults, who discuss this book gloss over the eventual romantic choice Katniss makes to focus on the politics, choices, and actions of the characters.



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