Book Trailer Thursday: It's a Book

Sound the alarms: The e-books are coming! The e-books are coming!

In his Booklist review, Andrew Medlar writes that Lane Smith’s It’s a Book “throws down the gauntlet in the ongoing debate over digital versus print.” Andrew’s correct, but it’s an awfully gentle gauntlet–in his cute ode to two friends and a single, curious, power cord-less reading object, Lane is careful not to say that a book is any better than a computer. It’s just simpler.

The trailer (featuring some wonderfully deadpan voice-over work) is more or less a condensed version of the book, and so while it doesn’t mightily expand the premise, it’s a surefooted extension of it into the digital realm, which, given the topic of the book, seems entirely appropriate.

Verdict: Point, Lane. Though let’s be honest: fifteen years from now, e-books will be called “books” and old-fashioned paper books will be called something else altogether. Folios? Monographs? Offliners? Ye Olde Bookes?



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