The Future of Book Reviewing—Now Available on MP3

ALA Annual Conference & ExhibitionI had a great time moderating “Everyone’s a Critic: The Future of Book Reviewing” at ALA’s annual conference in Washington, DC. I don’t need to issue a spoiler alert before telling you that we neither solved all the problems facing book reviewers, nor can we possibly have predicted the future of book reviewing with perfect accuracy. But those disclaimers aside, I found the discussion fascinating, as panelists Ron Charles, Otis Chandler, Jon Fine, and Jennifer Hubert Swan shared their perspectives on where things stand and where we’re headed.

I could summarize the discussion and quote some of their statements, but I’d rather tempt you to give the whole thing a listen. The audio (courtesy of Radio Shack) may not be Audie-worthy, but the good news is that the panelists come in much more clearly than I do. (My microphone did not go all the way to 11, apparently.)

Evaluating my own performance, I was thinking that some of the questions could have been better–a couple of them were answered by long pauses–though Charles was kind enough to tell me the questions weren’t bad but thought-provoking. He’s not just a scholar, he’s a gentleman as well.

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