Authors You Should Try: Louise Shaffer

Former actress-turned-novelist, Louise Shaffer writes lovely family stories, often centered around creative spirits – writers, theatre people, and the like.  She’d be a great choice for a group that enjoys light fiction, women’s stories, or artistic stories.

In her most recent novel, Looking for a Love Story, Shaffer mixes the contemporary story of Francesca, a novelist with writer’s block and a failing marriage, with the story of a Depression-era husband-and-wife vaudeville team. Aging Chicky hires Francesca to ghostwrite a memoir of her parents, and two women collaborate on a delightful love story as Francesca works out her own love life and clouded family history.

Shaffer’s other novels include Serendipity, the story of a woman who is struggling to deal with the death of her mother, a famous Broadway actress; Family Acts, where complete strangers Katie and Randa find themselves joint inheritors of a famous but crumbling theater, the Venerable Opera house, in small-town Georgia; and The Three Miss Margarets, where three Margarets—better known as Li’l Bit, Maggie, and Peggy—share a tight friendship and dark secrets.

Shaffer is also one of those authors who loves to interact with groups.  You can find out more information at her web site.



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